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Unpa Lacto Cica Locking Serum, 85 pads

  • A Skin solution from the resilience of Centella Asiatica (Cica) and defensive power of Probiotics. The new type of highly concentrated serum, skin defense and recovery that begins upon attachment. It soothes and moisturizes the area you want with the locking effect.

    1. Cica Complex (the key ingredient for recovery and restoration) X 5-Probiotics (protects and moisturizes the skin, Probiotics' unique property of forming a thin layer creates a barrier on the skin surface, protecting the skin with protective layer).
    2. Effective soothing intensive care with three types of Cica Complex and Vincetoxicum Atratum.
    3. Porous structured pad soaked in highly concentrated serum delivers serum to deeper layers of skin.
    4. Low-irritant pad made of natural material developed to minimize pilling.
    5. Hypoallergenic tested for sensitive skin.
    6. Ruled out 25 allergy-inducing ingredients.

    Made In Korea

  • Place the serum pads on your face that requires calming and soothing. Leave them for around 15 miniatures. Remove them and tap the pads onto the skin to absorb better.