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Real Barrier Extreme Essence Toner 190ml

  • [New & Upgraded Formula] Barrier protection essence toner, that delivers intense moisture and nourishment.

    1. Hydrating and nourishing deep inside your skin yet fast-absorbing non-sticky formula.
    2. The first-step moisturizing toner that absorbs quickly and moisturizes like the essence. It maintains the oil/moisture balance by supplying both oil and moisture lost due to cleansing by combining the functions of toner and essence into one. 3-Calming complex (panthenol, madecassoside and allantoin) to help relax and calm sensitive skin.
    3. Omega-Ceramide-16 technology is its latest patent skin science by Real Barrier, that helps tighten the skin barrier firmly with triple ceramides and activate filaggrin (protein that is present in the outmost layer of our skin, that acts like a cement which holds our skin cells together) to strengthen our skin structure.
    4. 5 types of Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture for a long time to add shine to the skin, and Aquaseal, a moisturizing ingredient derived from birch, strengthens the connection between skin cells and helps reduce moisture loss for a long time.
    5. Skin barrier function formula for dry and sensitive skin. Strengthen weakened skin barrier with MLE® Real Barrier formula.

    Made In Korea

  • Apply a small amount as 1st step in your skincare program, morning and evening. Pat gently until the toner is fully absorbed.