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Real Barrier Control-T Toner 190ml

  • A pH-balanced, alcohol-free & water-type toner for skin smoothing and hydrating, which help remove dead skin cells and impurities.

    1. Eliminates impurities and refresh skin without causing irritation. Promotes balance of oil and hydration level in skin. Trouble care with Sebomide™ ingredient that captures excessive sebum and 3-Refreshing Complex (calendula, witch-hazel leaf water and tea-tree) provides soothing & calming benefits.
    2. Skin barrier function formula for oily and acne-prone skin.
    3. Strengthen weakened skin barrier with control-T MLE® Real Barrier formula.
    4. Non-comedogenic tested

    Made In Korea

  • Dispense a adequate amount onto the cotton pad. Gently swipe the face to outward direction.