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Medius SOS Water Balm Mask - Pore Care

    1. Quick Hydra-effect thanks to unique 'SOS Water Balm Formula’: the new technology of creating skin protection membrane for mild skin while quickly providing moisture powered by low molecular hyaluronic acid.
    2. Lyocell Sheet with high-end natural fabric: Containing eucalyptus as main ingredient, the sheet is thin, yet it has perfect adhesive power.
    3. Panthenol for flawless skin: With B5 (water-soluble vitamin), the ingredient strengthens skin walls and makes your skin even and healthy.
    4. Key ingredients, low molecular hyaluronic acid & calendula extract & tea tree extract helps moisturize your skin.

      Made In Korea

      1. Cleanse and apply toner.
      2. Apply mask and attach the sheet onto the face while fitting the shape and having supporting parts towards outside.
      3. Take off the supporting parts after the sheet is completely attached.
      4. Leave on for about 15 minutes.
      5. Take off the sheet and lightly tap your face so that the leftover essence gets fully absorbed on your face.

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