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9CC Collagen Ball - Concentrated Frozen Drying Collagen Ball

    1. Marine collagen with hyaluronic acid helps supple and firm your skin
    2. No paraben, No fragrance, No mineral oil, No alcohol.
    3. Dissolve into the purified water in small spray container, it can be used as collagen mist ( to be consumed in same day).

      Made In Korea

    1. Wash your face and apply basic skin care products.
    2. Open the packing of 9CC collagen ball and take out the ball.
    3. Place it on centre of palm.
    4. Gently mix the collagen ball and water(or toner) together. Collagen ball will melt and turn to transparent colour.
    5. Apply mixed collagen ball on your face(pls avoid eye area) an gently dab.
    6. Massage face and neck till totally absorbed.
  • Hydrolysed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin

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