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Real Barrier Extreme Cream 50ml

  • [New & Upgraded Formula] 2nd generation skin barrier strengthening cream that strengthens the natural skin defense ability, by fortifying the skin barrier with patented Ceramide.

    1. The rich cream with twice faster recovery effect of damaged skin barrier, thanks to the Real Barrier's latest patent technology. Triple ceramide 20,000ppm(omega ceramide, ceramide 5SP, ceramide 9S) helps create a firm and hydrated skin barrier, Especially, Omega-Ceramide-16 technology is its latest patent skin science by Real Barrier, that helps tighten the skin barrier firmly with triple ceramides) and activate filaggrin (protein that is present in the outmost layer of our skin, that acts like a cement which holds our skin cells together) to strengthen our skin structure. 
    2. It helps recover skin damaged by external irritation more than 2 times faster than before and with just 5 days of use. Clinical test completed on skin barrier strengthening effect.
    3. Biome peptides helps activate beneficial bacteria and improves the microbiome environment that helps strengthen the skin barrier. Aquaseal, a moisturizing ingredient derived from birch, helps reduce moisture loss by strengthening the connection between skin cells. 3-Calming complex (panthenol, madecassoside and allantoin) to help relax and calm sensitive skin.
    4. PH balanced cream that is comforts even sensitive skin. PH balanced formula and hypoallergenic prescription similar to the pH of a healthy skin barrier.
    5. Skin barrier function formula for dry and sensitive skin.
    6. Strengthen weakened skin barrier with MLE® Real Barrier formula.
    7. Skin irritation test completed for the safe use on sensitive and weakened skin. Hypoallergenic test & Non-comedogenic test are completed.

    Made In Korea

  • Apply an appropriate amount on the entire face in the direction of skin texture and warp the face with both hands to promote absorption into skin with the body temperature.

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