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Derma B Fresh Moisture Scrub Wash 250ml

  • Exfoliated 79.9% of dead cells with a single use!

    1. A natural scrub that removes dirties and leaves skin soft : It is specially formulated with Eco-cert certified Perlite(natural mineral ingredient in very fine particle from Turkey) that helps scrub away impurities gently.
    2. 2-in-1 body wash that cleanses impurities while removing dead cells : It exfoliates and cleanses while smoothing body texture with a rich lather.
    3. 79.9% of exfoliating effect with a single use : It visibly purifies and refines skin texture after a single application.
    4. Contains low-irritant ingredients without any harmful ingredients : Free from artificial pigment, paraben, triethanolamine, mineral oil and phenoxyethanol.
    5. Pleasant fresh scent : bergamot and peppermint.

    Made In Korea

  • Apply appropriate amount of body scrub on wet sponge and massage it with circular movements all over the body including your back and legs.