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Nakeup Face

Nakeup Face - High Performance K-Makeup Brand 

Nakeup Face K-Beauty Make Up Cushion Foundation

Nakeup Face believes in projecting a naked yet attractive appearance that does not need any covering up.

Emphasising a rebellious and free-spirited approach to beauty, it seeks to build confidence by improving the skin’s natural health and helping you achieve beauty from within.

Its cushion foundation and lip tints are ranked No.1 in the biggest shopping site, NAVER Korea. 


Nakeup Face Waterking Cover Cushion for Dry Skin from $9.90 $43.90
Nakeup Face One Night Cushion for Sensitive Skin from $11.90 $46.90
Nakeup Face One Night Metal Glitter $5.50 $26.90
Nakeup Face One Day Water Volume Lip Ink $5.50 $26.90
Nakeup Face Centella Scar Ointment $9.90 $33.90
Nakeup Face Stress 0 Cleansing Stick - 3 in 1 Cleansing Stick $5.50 $36.90
Nakeup Face Coverking Powder Cushion for Oily/Combination Skin from $7.90 $43.90
Nakeup Face C-Cup Deep Volume Lip-Tox $21.50 $26.90
Nakeup Face Velvet Scandal - Creamy Matte Lip Tint from $5.50 $26.90