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Medius- A Leader of Home Aesthetic Face Mask Program 

medius k-beauty

 Medius was launched in 2015 by AUBE cosmetics in Korea which established by a few beauty veterans.

 They introduced consumers a variety of face mask products that can enable them to recognize the skin improvement every day with its own ‘skin correction system’ in a safe way.  Also, they believe that professional mask packs change skin condition daily based on expertise and highly reliable remedy formula.

 Medius is widely distributed not only in Korea as well as overseas market as key face mask brand.

Medius SOS Water Balm Mask - Soothing from $4.00 $29.50
Medius SOS Water Balm Mask - Moisture from $4.00 $29.50
Medius SOS Water Balm Mask - Brightening from $4.00 $29.50
Medius SOS Water Balm Mask - Pore Care Sold Out