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Frudia, Derived From Fruit

 Frudia, beauty derived from fruits, highly enriched with aromatic fruits just harvested from orchard. After 30 years of dedicated research by the scientists at Welcos (Frudia’s mother company in Korea, that known for fruit extract technology), Frudia has found its own way to make your skin nurture and glow.

 Frudia My Orchard Hand Cream is a fast-absorbing and nourishing hand cream with

  • R Vita WTMcold pressed juice technologythat slowly extracts juice from fruits including their seeds, fruit itself and skin at lower temperatures and use this pure juice instead of purified water to deliver the most nourishing ingredients to our skin.

 As a result, it softens hands and protects against dryness while leaving a subtle fresh fruity scent. Available with rich and soft type to choose, depending on individual preference.

  • Rich type – Raspberry, Quince, Shea Butter
  • Soft type – Peach, Grapefruit, Dragon Fruit
Frudia My Orchard Hand Cream Peach, 30g $3.90 $4.90
Frudia My Orchard Hand Cream Raspberry Wine, 30g $3.90 $4.90
Frudia My Orchard Body Essence Quince, 200ml $9.40 $14.90
Frudia My Orchard Hand Cream Shea Butter, 30g $3.90 $4.90
Frudia My Orchard Hand Cream Dragon Fruit, 30g $3.90 $4.90
Frudia My Orchard Hand Cream Quince, 30g $3.90 $4.90