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Lash More

Lash More - No Glue Eyelash

LASHMORE is a brand of eyelashes developed to make it quick and easy to apply. It is easy to use without extra glue and quick to complete eye makeup.

The glue that used is very safe, complied with the Korea Chemical Convergence Research Institute.

Waterproof, lasting upto 24 hours and hypo-allergenic test completed.

Made in Korea

Lashmore #3 Natural, Pre-Glued Eyelash $9.40 $9.90
Lashmore #1 Lovely, Pre-Glued Eyelash $9.40 $9.90
Lashmore #2 Romantic, Pre-Glued Eyelash $9.40 $9.90
Lashmore #5 Sexy, Pre-Glued Eyelash $9.40 $9.90
Lashmore #4 Sweet, Pre-Glued Eyelash $9.40 $9.90