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Derma B

Derma B, Multiple-Awards Winning Derma Body Care from Korea.

derma b body lotion

One Application, Double Hydration!

Once you try Derma B, you would not want to use another body moisturizer again.
  • Multiple awards-winning brand Derma B is developed by Neopharm, No.1 brand for sensitive skin in Korea since 2007.
  • Neopharm is devoted to developing and introduce topical solution to dry/sensitive skin as a global leader in skin science.
  • They own unique & breakthrough hydration science, called MLE (Multi Lamellar Emulsion) ® technology, which mimics the same three-dimensional structure that your skin barrier has.
  • MLE® skin hydration science formula TMis the ideal solution for skin barrier recovery, powered by shea butter, grape seed oil and panthenol.
  • Proven 48 hours hydration and safe & reliable formula
  • Free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, artificial colorants, and ethanol
  • Suitable for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin.


Derma B Daily Moisture Body Lotion, 400ml $21.70 $28.90
Derma B CeraMD Repair Lotion, 400ml $26.20 $34.90
Derma B Creamy Touch Body Wash 400ml $20.20 $26.90
Derma B Mild Moisture Milk Oil, 200ml $18.90 $24.90
Derma B Ultra Moisture Body Cream for severely dry skin from $20.20 $37.90
Derma B Daily Moisture Body Oil, 200ml $18.90 $24.90
Derma B Fresh Moisture Scrub Wash 250ml $22.80 $26.90
Derma B DeoFresh Body Tissue, 10 Wipes $5.00 $5.90
Derma B Daily Feminine Foaming Wash 200ml $20.20 $26.90
Derma B Mild Moisture Body Lotion, fragrance free, 400ml $17.34 $28.90