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Keep Cool Bamboo Soothe Toner

COOL lifestyle always demands skin concern!

The latest K-Beauty brand, KEEP COOL suggests perfect solutions for dry, dull and sensitive skin in your daily life. KEEP COOL suggests skin care combining ideal solutions based on ‘natural ingredients’ developed by KEEP COOL’s own unique technology and Northern European style design with reasonable price for various life styles. 

Keep Cool Ocean Blue Oil

The optimized recipe that is found from Korea makes skin happy and healthy - COOL KEEPER

KEEP COOL’s unique complex created by combining 3 natural antipyretic herbs that are well known as it lowers the temperature. The unique complex created by combining 3 natural antipyretic herbs (Lonicerae Flos, Scutellaria Baicalensis, Forsythia Fruit) in Korean traditional medicine that lowers the temperature and alleviate dryness and inflammation. Cool Keeper keeps the optimal condition and makes skin healthy.

Keep Cool Bamboo Soothe Toner

Moreover, their signature skin care line - Bamboo Soothe range is infused with bamboo water which contains calcium, mineral and 18 amino acid. This bamboo water may instantly hydrate skin and keeping it moisturized. It has soothing effect to sensitive and inflamed skin while alleviating skin troubles such as the atopic dermatitis and pimples, too.

Keep Cool Bamboo Soothe Toner, Serum and Lotion