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How to maintain healthy & dewy skin, while combating maskne?

Is your skin still in good condition? How to maintain healthy & dewy skin, while combating maskne?

Under the threat of Covid-19 where we need to wear masks daily, we expect our skin condition to improve as we wear less make up as compared to before. This is surprisingly false! We often hear people experiencing more skin irritation, leading them to seek the right skin care or suitable products that can help improve their condition.

While wearing masks, maskne is one of the biggest concerns the beauty industry has now. It is often seen in the form of pimples or skin irritation and reddening, that especially occurs on and around the nose and chin area.  So how can we avoid this and ensure healthy glowy skin? We introduce two new K-beauty brands that might be your answer!

 KEEP COOL, COOL lifestyle always demands concern for skin! 

keep cool bamboo soothe toner 

KEEP COOL’s optimized recipe is founded in Korea; a unique complex created by combining 3 natural antipyretic herbs (Lonicerae Flos, Scutellaria Baicalensis, Forsythia Fruit)  that have been researched to alleviate dryness and inflammation by calming and cooling the skin’s temperature. This aids to prevent skin irritation and reduce damage and early sign of aging. Perfect to meet our skin’s needs in our tropical climate.

 KEEP COOL’s signature 3-step skincare line is infused with pure bamboo water containing calcium, minerals, and 18 amino acid that instantly hydrates and keeps the skin moisturized. It’s soothing effect targets sensitive and inflamed skin, alleviating problems such as the atopic dermatitis and pimples. KEEP COOL has completed the skin irritation dermal test by The Korea Skin Research Centre, indicating  ‘zero’ skin irritation index.

 Real Barrier truly protects your skin barrier. 

real barrier intensive cream 

Real Barrier is established in 2015 in Korea and became one of the leading derma skin care brands, loved by many consumers who have dry and sensitive skin. Real barrier reinforces and supports the skin’s natural barrier responsible for keeping moisture in and irritants out.

  The key formula of Real Barrier’s patent science: MLE® (Multi Lamelllar Emulsion). An original technology from NeoPharm (No.1 skincare company for sensitive skin in Korea for more than a decade and mother company of Derma B and Real Barrier). It flawlessly mimics the lamellar structure of the natural skin lipids and provides the ultimate revitalization of moisture through the restoration of the skin’s protective barrier system. The special cross pattern of the MLE®  shows that it is identical to the lipid lamellar structure of the skin. This pioneers a new standard for dermatological science.

  Furthermore, Real Barrier’s signature regime; Real Barrier Extreme Line with Essence Toner, Cream Ampoule and Extreme Cream is now re-formulated and upgraded with our latest patent skin science, Omega-Ceramide-16. It helps firmly tighten the skin barrier and activate filaggrin (a protein that is present in the outmost layer of our skin, which acts like a cement holding our skin cells together) to strengthen our skin structure. This promotes twice as fast skin barrier recovery. Real Barrier focuses on re-creating a healthy skin barrier structure and increasing the skin’s resistance level to maintain the ideal skin condition.